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Heating and Cooling Avon IN

Heat and Cool has served Avon, Indiana and the surrounding areas for HVAC services for over forty years. Heat and Cool has always had a reputation of being available with on-call services for heating and cooling in Avon IN and surrounding areas– and that is still true today. But have you ever considered that the HVAC-related equipment in your home could help to improve the air circulating in your house?


According to the American College of Asthma, Allergies, and Immunology, an estimated 50 million people have allergies to contend with – one in five of us. If you suffer from nasal allergies or even irritated eyes during the spring and fall, you know how bothersome allergies are. In addition, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation estimates that one in fifteen Americans has asthma.  Of those, half suffer from “allergic asthma”.   Asthma can be triggered by air borne particles that are inhaled into the lungs especially during the spring when things are blooming, and during the fall, when things are harvested. Here in Avon, Indiana, we are a part of the Midwest region of the U.S. which happens to have higher overall pollen and allergy issues during peak times of the year compared to other regions. This makes the air we breathe in our homes and learning ways to improve the HVAC in Avon IN system in our homes, all the more important.


Upgrading your HVAC in Avon IN to include a purification system may reduce the amount of suffering that you or your family members endure during the times of year that the pollen counts are the highest.  Adding a purification system will help to reduce molds, dander, and other impurities that cycle through your home. For instance, Bryant’s Perfect Air™ solutions works with such an advanced filtration system that it can even catch tiniest of the unwanted microscopic invaders – viruses. Using a filter such as this will greatly reduce the amount of air borne irritants that make their way in your home. No matter how cleanly a family is – there is always at least some amount of dust and mold to contend with – upgrading your HVAC filtration and adding a purification system like the Bryant’s Perfect Air™ can reduce the amount of dust that gets cycled through your home.


In the realm of HVAC, heating and cooling in Avon IN, systems may have elements that maintain moisture and could potentially be harboring molds and bacteria. Using a product called the Bryant’s Preferred UV Lamp, your system will run more efficiently as the UV kills mold and bacteria that can build up around the coils in your HVAC system. The UV lamp will be improving your air quality and enhancing the overall air flow in the process.


Avon and the surrounding areas here in Indiana are great places to live and raise a family – but when allergy season hits, it’s great to know that you have solutions for your HVAC in Avon IN that can improve the air in your home and in turn, potentially reduce your allergy or asthma symptoms as well.

Heating and Cooling Avon IN



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