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Bainbridge, Indiana and the surrounding areas have been served by Heat and Cool for HVAC services for over four decades. Heat and Cool are available with on-call heating & air installation, repair and maintenance services for Bainbridge, IN and surrounding areas – just as they have always been.  In addition to taking care of the immediate and even emergency needs of your HVAC, did you know that Heat and Cool have several different options in HVAC equipment to actually improve the quality of air that you and your family breathe?

The American College of Asthma, Allergies, and Immunology estimates that 50 million people have allergies. That number represents one in five of us that deals with itchy eyes, sneezing, or other nasal allergies during the changing seasons.  Additionally, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation estimates that one in fifteen Americans has asthma and that half of asthmatics have “allergic asthma” – asthma that is brought on by irritants in the air.  The airborne particles are inhaled and simply cause a lot of suffering for those with asthma or allergies. Unfortunately, the Midwest region of the U.S. which Bainbridge, Indiana is a part of, happens to have higher overall pollen and allergy issues during the spring and fall.  Despite the beauty that fall and spring bring, allergies are a real issue for many Americans, and learning how your HVAC system can improve your indoor air quality is important.

Adding a purification system may reduce the amount of suffering that you or your family members have during peak seasons where the allergy index is the highest.  Air purification systems like Bryant’s Perfect Air™, for instance, can help reduce molds, dander, and other impurities.  The Bryant’s purification system can even catch viruses, which are one of the smallest microscopic invaders.  Regardless of how clean a home is, there are always amounts of dust, irritants, and even molds and mildews to contend with. If you decide to upgrade your HVAC filtration, consider adding a purification system like Bryant’s Perfect Air™ to aid in purifying the air in your home as well as decreasing the amount of dust and impurities that are continuously cycled in the atmosphere of your home.

Additionally, HVAC systems have components that can potentially be harboring moisture which gives growth to bacteria and molds. However, Heat and Cool offer a product called the Bryant’s Preferred UV Lamp, which is a great asset to the HVAC system.  Your system will generally run more efficiently as the UV kills mold and bacteria that can potentially live around the coils in the HVAC system. The Bryant’s Preferred UV lamp will help to improve air quality and enhance system efficiency in it as well.

Here in Bainbridge, and the areas that surround us are great places to work and raise a family. However, when the allergy index rises, it’s important to know that you can improve the air quality by improving your HVAC, and Heat and Cool trusted HVAC contractor with options to help you do just that.

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