Your Winter HVAC To-Do List

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Downtime in climate control

Indiana winters are unpredictable. One day it might be 40 degrees and sunny, and the next, we might get hit with a snowstorm at below freezing temperatures. Because of this inconsistency, it’s important that your furnace is well taken care of to keep your home comfortable, no matter the weather outside. Follow these tips to help keep your HVAC system … Read More

Why a Spring HVAC Tune-up Is So Important

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HVAC Tune Up

As the warmer weather emerges across the nation, homeowners will want to ensure their HVAC units are prepared for the hottest months of the year. Residing in a home with a defective HVAC is not only irritating, but it can create pressing health issues. With the hottest periods coming in the near future, now is the optimal time for homeowners … Read More

Furnace Tune-Ups

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Furnace Tune-Up

Furnaces. As the weather turns cold, we turn them on, and we generally expect them to work. But furnaces require maintenance like any other appliance. Skip this vital task, and you’re likely to find yourself facing a costly repair during the coldest of weather. If you inherited an older heater when you purchased your home, the small short-term cost of … Read More

Exploring the Benefits of a Humidifier

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Have you been shocked by static electricity recently? Have you noticed that it happens more often in the winter. Static is a sure sign that the air in your house is too dry. The problems caused by dry air go well beyond mild static shocks, but we tend to accept dry air as a necessary evil during colder seasons. That’s … Read More

Why Change Your Furnace Filter

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Dirty Furnace Filter, Furnace Cleanup

You might use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and keep a few houseplants around to clean the air, but when was the last time you changed your furnace filter, or even thought about it? And yet, this is a genuinely important task, both for the health of your family and the health of your heater. Let’s discuss some … Read More

FAQ: What Is A Heat Pump?

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What is a Heat Pump?

What Is A Heat Pump? If you’ve tried looking up heat pump systems on your own, you’ve likely found plenty of complex and even conflicting information. Most of us want to be armed with at least a little bit of information before we start calling around for estimates, so let’s see if we can clear a few things up. What … Read More

FAQ: What kind of furnace do I need?

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What kind of furnace do I need

If you’re shopping for a new furnace with winter bearing down on you, you’re probably feeling some pressure to get it done quickly. But a furnace is a long-term investment, and the wrong furnace is a costly mistake! Let’s answer the question “What kind of furnace do I need?” so you can go into the purchase process feeling comfortable and … Read More

10 Reasons We Love Danville Indiana

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Indiana stamp

Danville, Indiana was first established in 1824 and has grown into a cozy town with a rich history. For the residents and business owners, it’s an ideal place to live and operate a business due to the friendly community that often feels like a family. For those who are considering a move here, there are many reasons to love the small town. … Read More

7 Ways To Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

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7 Ways To Improve the Air Quality Inside Your Home

Maintaining the air quality inside your home is vitally important to avoid having allergic reactions or respiratory distress. There are several simple ways to ensure the air inside your home is clean, and by using these tips, you will enjoy fresher and healthier air. One: Beautiful Indoor Plants Houseplants are beautiful, providing an attractive ambience in any room of a … Read More

How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

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How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

Warmer temperatures are ushering in colorful flowers, chirping birds, and a season full of outdoor fun. As the mercury rises, however, so does your electric bill. Rocketing air conditioning costs can be enough to take the edge off of your warm-weather happiness. Have no fear; our cost-saving tips will keep both you and your wallet happier this warm-weather season. Rethink … Read More