How To Choose A High Efficiency Furnace

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Wintertime here in Indianapolis can be pretty brutal. It can also be pretty expensive if your furnace is old and inefficient. Sometimes a simple tune-up for your furnace  will maximize efficiency, but an upgrade is often needed. If you’re willing to pay a little more upfront for a high-efficiency furnace, you’ll see vast savings in the long run. To help … Read More

Energy Saving Tips For the Holidays

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The holiday season is a time for big family gatherings, Christmas movies, and high energy bills. Wait a minute…one of those doesn’t belong! Although you may be doing a lot of baking, driving, and entertaining, you don’t have to waste any energy doing so. Take a look at this simple list of energy saving tips and see how many you … Read More

What to do with the kids inside?

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Are you looking for indoor activities your kids would enjoy? Try these timeless games and ideas to enjoy your summer as a family… For younger kids it’s always fun to make a blanket fort.  Your kids will learn planning skills and even some geometry in the process. Or maybe you’d like to find something to do that will keep them … Read More

More hot day, cool food tips

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Of course no one wants to spend the hottest part of the day in the kitchen and then have to pay to cool it back down again…so we’re all about finding ideas with no indoor use of heat.   Sometimes we just need some quick ideas for dinner when we’ve been busy outdoors – Make subs – Since bakery loaves don’t … Read More

Worried about your air filter?

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Sometimes customers worry that air filters will decrease the efficiency of their air conditioner. Happily, we can recommend the Bryant Preferred Energy Recovery Ventilator as a solution! When allergies or just simple health concerns are an issue, it is possible to filter the air from your air conditioner quietly and efficiently with this product. With fewer pollutants entering your home … Read More

Keep your Air Conditioner Healthy

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There are several things that you can do yourself to maintain and care for your air conditioner such as changing the filter regularly (about every four weeks on average) and making sure the outdoor unit is free of overgrown grass. You can also refer to your particular unit’s manual for even more detailed advice and maintenance instruction. Obviously, leave the … Read More

Keeping Cool in Hendricks County

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Keeping cool in Hendricks County – I’m sure I am not the only parent that has heard the sentence, “There’s nothing to do,” maybe a dozen times each summer. It doesn’t have to be that way because there is plenty to do to keep cool this summer! Enjoy the following ideas for your family right here in Hendricks County and … Read More

Blocking the sun to lower your cooling bill

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A great tip that is sometimes forgotten among the hustle and bustle of the day is to shut the curtains on the side of your home that is being shined on by the sun. For our home, the sunniest portion at the hottest part of the day is right in our kitchen, of course. At mealtime, it’s almost unbearable if … Read More

Cook in the morning to beat the heat

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When the weather is really hot, the last thing that anyone wants to do is spend time in the kitchen. Preparing food on the range and in the oven during the hottest time of the day will only add more heat into the air of your home – which then needs to be cooled, of course. Save yourself the heat … Read More

Keep that AC unit clean and clear

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Spring is getting closer to summer and while it’s nice to keep the windows open now, soon it will be time to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy a cool inside. This year, we wanted to give our customers some tried and true tips on how to keep the A/C in top working condition:  Keeping your unit free of … Read More