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Heat and Cool provide Coatesville IN the very best service for all of your HVAC needs.  Heat and Cool is a factory authorized Bryant HVAC service provider.  This means that you will always get the very best heating and cooling options on the market.

Are you looking for a heating & air company that can help answer questions about your HVAC (heating, cooling, and ventilation) as well as maintain and even improve the efficiency of your HVAC system? Look no further – Heat and Cool located in Danville, IN can help you.

Heat and Cool have been serving Coatesville area customers for over four decades and they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. At Heat and Cool, customer service and product knowledge are something they take pride in and they can help you make decisions on all of your HVAC related questions.  Take efficiency, for example – there are several different products that Heat and Cool carry to help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.   Additionally, if you have questions about repairing vs. replacing, you can ask about the pros and cons of each course of action and how it relates to your particular system’s needs.  Heat and Cool wants to determine the best long-term solution for you. Getting the facts can improve your home’s efficiency in the changing weather that is characteristic of the Midwest’s Indiana weather.

Insulation – HVAC ductwork is often metal and both warm and cool air moving through your ducts lose their heat and cool simply because metal does not insulate well.  If you decide that you would like to add efficiency in your system this way, someone from Heat and Cool can examine the ductwork in your home to determine what areas can be insulated to improve function in your HVAC. In addition to properly insulating the ductwork, the technician may also discover leaky areas that will benefit from adding tape to your ducts at the joints, for instance. By paying a relatively small amount of attention to the efficiency of your HVAC in this way, you will make your home more efficient and lower your energy bills in the process!

Blower Door Testing – Heat and Cool can give your home a special diagnostic test called Blower door testing. This tool can be used to determine air-tightness which in turn determines how ventilation is escaping or entering through your home.  The U.S. Department of Energy recommends using this test to identify further necessary steps to improve a home’s insulation.  You may find that further weatherization and improved insulation is needed to reduce energy consumption.

Repair or Replace? Major advancements have been made to improve the overall efficiency of HVAC over the past several years. You may find yourself wondering if you should repair problems that arise or replace your HVAC system.  While replacement may seem like a costly option, in the long run, sometimes it’s the best choice to make. Repair bills and repeated visits to maintain and fix an aging system can add up. A new system, including a customizable thermostat, for example, can help avoid repair costs as well as help reduce your energy consumption, and of course your energy bills.

Heat and Cool is ready to help you with whatever questions you have about your current HVAC system or potentially adding new equipment. With financing options available and different systems to choose from, you have great choices to reduce your overall energy consumption and costs.

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