Cook in the morning to beat the heat

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When the weather is really hot, the last thing that anyone wants to do is spend time in the kitchen. Preparing food on the range and in the oven during the hottest time of the day will only add more heat into the air of your home – which then needs to be cooled, of course. Save yourself the heat all together and enjoy this kid-approved recipe idea:

Prepare- ahead pasta salad

In the morning, boil noodles according to package directions (colorful curly noodles are a hit).

Add equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar with desired add-ins like: salt, pepper, parsley, olives, shredded cheeses and diced onions OR use an already prepared salad dressing.

Mix thoroughly and place in your fridge. All of the flavors will marry together and taste great by the time you need to serve at dinner. Pair with a simple sandwich and you have an easy meal already prepared!

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