Exploring the Benefits of a Humidifier

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Have you been shocked by static electricity recently? Have you noticed that it happens more often in the winter. Static is a sure sign that the air in your house is too dry. The problems caused by dry air go well beyond mild static shocks, but we tend to accept dry air as a necessary evil during colder seasons. That’s not actually the case. Installing a whole-house humidifier can solve your dry air problem, and yield a variety of benefits you might not know about. Here are just a few things a humidifier can do.

Protect Your Belongings

Did you know that some pianos have built-in humidifiers? Believe it or not, fluctuating humidity levels can actually damage the joints and finishes on musical instruments by causing shrinkage and drying in the winter, followed by swelling when proper humidity is restored in warmer weather.

Humidity (or lack thereof) can have a similar effect on other things in your home, including hardwood floors and anything else made of wood. The best way to protect your investment in your house, furnishings and other belongings is to maintain a comfortable humidity level year round. A humidifier can ensure that the wood in your home is properly maintained.

Improve Your Health

Low humidity can also have an adverse effect on your health in the winter. After all, when you dry out your throat and nasal membranes, you make it harder for your respiratory system to do its job.

Forcing our bodies to divert energy to unnecessary tasks drains resources that could be used by our immune systems, instead. That’s why we bundle up in the winter– not because being cold literally makes us sick, but because there’s no point giving our bodies more work to do when they’re trying to keep us well.

A well-maintained whole-house humidifier can help keep our respiratory system in top condition, while preventing chapped lips and other winter irritants, as well. Imagine how much you could save on doctor’s visits and trips to the pharmacy!

Save You Money

You’ve probably heard advice before about saving money by lowering the thermostat…but it might have been drowned out by the complaints of your shivering family. The feeling of being cold is made worse by two things.

First of all, because the heat only kicks on when the thermostat drops, you can think of your house’s weather as a series of temperature drops, followed by short bursts of heat. You may not consciously notice the temperature dropping between heating cycles, but your body is telling you all about it.

Second, dry air simply feels colder. Remember how in the summer, the meteorologist will tell you the temperature, then talk about how the heat index makes it feel hotter? Humidity is the culprit, and in the winter, you can use that to your advantage! A properly used humidifier can make the house feel 10 degrees warmer than it is, and you won’t have to touch the thermostat!

Homeowners often overlook humidifiers when considering their heating and cooling needs. However, with all these potential benefits, a humidifier is well worth considering. Reach out to us for more information on how a humidifier could fit into your existing system.

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