Furnace Tune-Ups

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Furnace Tune-Up

Furnaces. As the weather turns cold, we turn them on, and we generally expect them to work. But furnaces require maintenance like any other appliance. Skip this vital task, and you’re likely to find yourself facing a costly repair during the coldest of weather. If you inherited an older heater when you purchased your home, the small short-term cost of a tune-up has the potential to save you a great deal of money. What’s more, if your heater came with a warranty and you aren’t having periodic maintenance done, you might be violating its terms.

Over a year of use (and disuse) most furnaces gather some dust and lint. When debris accumulates in areas that require airflow, it decreases the efficiency of your heater. In extreme cases, it causes an actual blockage. That could lead to your heater breaking down, or worse– it could send dangerous fumes into the living areas of your home. Changing your filter in a timely fashion helps, but a professional will be aware of problem areas and will clean them. This attention will help your furnace last longer, burn more efficiently, and keep you safer.

Cleaning your furnace also gives heating and cooling experts a perfect opportunity to notice any small problems that might be developing. Some can be easily fixed, but if left untended would result in large and expensive issues. So at the very least, make sure your heat exchanger and your furnace burner have been checked out.

Safety, efficiency, lifespan…all good reasons to get a furnace tune-up! Now is the perfect time of year to have us come out and inspect your system. We have more appointments available for seasonal maintenance now than we will when worried homeowners are experiencing heating outages. Contact us, and maximize your chances of having a happily humming heater all winter long.

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  1. That is really interesting that furnaces gather dust and lint over the year. That is something that I would want to have cleaned sometime soon. Then I would be able to have my furnace work the best that it possibly could.

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