How does Bryant zoning work?

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Bryant Zoning

Zoning systems give you the ability to save on monthly heating and cooling bills and at the same time eliminate over conditioned or overheated spaces in the home and optimize the comfort of the occupants. A Bryant Zoning panel is the key to making the system work. A User Interface and additional zone sensors are located throughout the home to give temperature information back to the Bryant zoning panel which opens and closes dampers in your cooling and heating ductwork to control the temperature in every part of the home.

Since you are cooling and heating only those parts of the home requiring the load, this system will save you money. 30 percent savings over conventional single thermostat systems can be realized with a residential zoning system. While energy savings alone make this a great alternative to a conventional system, your comfort is optimized with the zoning system. By zoning the home, you can customize each zone’s climate and schedules. Bedrooms can be kept cooler at night and temperature difference between floors can be eliminated. Also, most zoning systems integrate the setback features associated with programmable thermostats, further enhancing and customizing your comfort schedule.

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