Indoor air quality Danville, IN

Heat and Cool has many options for whole home comfort and air quality improvement in Danville, IN. Home purification systems are for everyone, but if you or your family members have allergies or asthma, the value these products offer is priceless.  Heat and Cool offers all of the Bryant line of products ranging from indoor air purification units, to different options in humidifiers, as well as add-on units like our UV lamp to ensure that your HVAC is running not only more efficiently, but also staying clear of molds and bacteria that can build up in the internal components . Here are just a few of the home value adding products that Heat and Cool has to offer through the trusted Bryant line of products:

Preferred Series Bypass Humidifier – This unit will work directly through your furnace. It is powered by the blower that you will already be running as your HVAC system is working. The dry winter months can be brutal on noses and throats, but this little add-on will increase comfort as it adds moisture vapor through your home.

Bryant® Perfect Air™ Purifier – Meet the ultimate match to unwelcomed air borne guests with this air purification system. Your indoor air will not only be filtered through your HVAC – it will be re-purified up to eight times per hour. This product actually captures and kills molds, viruses and bacteria in the air as it circulates through the purifier. One of the best perks to this product is that not only will you be protecting your HVAC and air quality – this product needs no additional cleaning!

Preferred Series UV Lamp – By adding a Preferred Series UV Lamp to your home’s HVAC system, you can kill the bacteria and molds that grow in your equipment. The moist coils and internal components make an environment friendly to bacteria and mold which in turn can create an overall unhealthy situation both in the air you breathe and in the functionality of the HVAC system. Therefore, you will add efficiency, enhanced air flow and air quality as the UV light creates an environment that prevents that unwanted growth from happening in the first place.