Keep that AC unit clean and clear

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Spring is getting closer to summer and while it’s nice to keep the windows open now, soon it will be time to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy a cool inside. This year, we wanted to give our customers some tried and true tips on how to keep the A/C in top working condition:

 Keeping your unit free of overgrown grass, clippings, and shrubs is important. Occasionally, I catch the kids playing “tea time” and using our unit as a table top. They set a place setting for four, and use jars of found muddy water and perfectly molded mud pies as a side dish. It may be cute to see my kids and their friends play like this – but it’s certainly not good for the internal workings of the unit. They were promptly offered an alternative “table” to play tea time. Air conditioners tend to work better alone, so keeping them free of debris will lengthen the life of your unit. 

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