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Since 1970, Heat and Cool of Danville, IN, has been serving the areas around Lebanon, IN. If are in need of a reliable heating & air company that you can call to help maintain or repair your current HVAC- or you are considering an upgrade to your HVAC, read on for more information about what Heat and Cool offers to the areas of Lebanon, IN.


Heat and Cool is a member of the BBB and is an engaged member of this area in Indiana.  Heat and cool support the local Sheriff dept, the local Little League teams, and other community programs in the Avon area.  A company that engages like that isn’t just searching for a short-term profit –but a long-term relationship with all of their customers.  Improving the function of your HVAC, the air quality in your home, and the efficiency of your HVAC are all things that you can find answers and help for when you give Heat and Cool a call. The following are just a few ways that Heat and Cool can help with your particular HVAC needs.


Performance – Ever wondered if your HVAC equipment is performing at its best functioning power?  Find out by having a trained mechanic come to your home and inspect your equipment, as well as make any adjustments that are needed.  Additionally, an inspection by a trained eye might uncover areas that a simple change like adding insulation and repairing tape might fix. Regular maintenance can catch the “easy fixes” and may improve the efficiency and prolong the life of your HVAC equipment.


Air Quality – There are so many people who deal with allergies and asthma, so making sure the air you breathe at home is as healthy as possible is also a key element to a good HVAC system. Heat and Cool has purification systems available such as Bryant’s Perfect Air™ that will filter out airborne particles such as molds, pet dander, pollens, and other air born irritants.  You can also add a UV lamp which will reduce build up on HVAC coils such as bacteria and molds. Someone from Heat and Cool can help you find out what products are best for your HVAC to improve your home’s air quality.


 Efficiency – If your HVAC is getting along in years, replacing equipment might be the best option.  There has been much advancement in technology over the past several years in thermostats and the HVAC system’s efficiency.  Programming your HVAC’s usage with a programmable thermostat can suit your particular family’s needs. You can save unnecessary energy and the costs associated with running your HVAC at one constant temperature.  In the long run, sometimes replacing is the best economical option, as opposed to repairing several different parts. Heat and Cool has people waiting to answer your questions and help you decide what your best options are.  Additionally, financing is also an option and can be discussed when you determine what is best for your home.

Heat and Cool, your trusted HVAC contractor right here in Lebanon, Indiana can answer your questions and help you keep your equipment at peak performance. Whether you need an emergency repair, regular maintenance, or help to determine which HVAC equipment is right for you, Heat and Cool is there to helpHVAC Lebanon IN

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