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Are you here in Mooresville, Indiana or the surrounding areas and in need of HVAC services or reliable HVAC contractor? Are you looking for a company that can help answer all of your questions about your heating, cooling, and ventilation concerns, as well as a company to help maintain or improve the efficiency of your HVAC system? There is no need to search any longer – Heat and Cool located in Danville, IN is here to assist you.


Heat and Cool has been here in Danville, IN serving Mooresville area customers for over forty years. They are an engaged member of the community and a member of the Better Business Bureau. At Heat and Cool, serving customers with good product knowledge is something they take pride in. They know that sometimes we have questions that we need answered without pressure– there are people waiting to answer your questions over the phone when you call. Additionally, the Heat and Cool website is helpful and has product information if you are the sort that likes to research on your own.


The efficiency of your HVAC system can be improved with regular maintenance, so it’s important to keep up with it.  There are several things that you can do yourself to regularly care for your HVAC system. And to help you with this process, the Heat and Cool website has a checklist that helps you with what you can do at home. If you’d rather a mechanic come out and check your HVAC system for you, however, you can also give Heat and Cool a call – they are based in Danville and are more than happy to serve the surrounding areas of Avon, IN as well. Having them check your HVAC for you might save you some time and hassle. The mechanic will have the right tools and can observe if particular components of your HVAC are working properly.  But remember, if you just have a question about what needs to be done, there is someone available at Heat and Cool who is ready to help you.


Because Mooresville, IN is a part of the Midwest, temperatures can differ greatly in the summer and winter. Having the most efficient HVAC possible will help with overall energy usage and costs – maintaining that will always pay off in the long run. In addition to maintaining, however, there are relatively simple fixes that can be done to your existing HVAC to improve efficiency.  Even something as simple as installing insulation around metal ductwork can save money – Heat and Cool can help identify what needs to be done.  There are also several different products that Heat and Cool carries to help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.  Such as updating your thermostat, adding a UV lamp, using better filtration, and even repairing and replacing leaky duct work can improve energy costs.


Whether you need maintenance, repair, or if you have questions on how to improve efficiency in your HVAC, give Heat and Cool of Mooresville, Indiana a call.

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