Be an MVP!

One of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system is take care of it. Regular maintenance is paramount to the long life of your HVAC and helps you get every penny out of it that you have already invested.  Take the heat off of yourself and have one of our friendly technicians come out and do it for you. Rest easy knowing that a trained, professional technician will be looking at your HVAC equipment to adjust, clean, test, and tighten what needs attention so that you can get back to other important things in your day.

There are great benefits to signing on to be an MVP with Heat and Cool, including absolutely NO overtime charges for emergency maintenance! You can also enjoy a 10% discount on parts and labor for the life of your agreement. By having Heat and Cool perform these regular maintenance “necessities”, you will extend the life of your equipment and you can improve the efficiency, safety, and capacity of your HVAC when you have a trained set of eyes on the job.

The Heat and Cool MVP service agreement is an easy to understand and read document that will detail all that you will be entitled to under your plan. Although these are just a few examples, here are some of the important maintenance procedures that you will receive under the MVP agreement: The technician will make any needed adjustments to the internal blower components, check the pressure for proper refrigerant charge, and inspect different parts of your HVAC system’s operation to make sure you are operating under peak efficiency.

Our MVP agreement can be purchased to cover one, two, or three years. When you become an “MVP” with Heat and Cool, you are entitled to professional tune-ups, cleanings, and safety inspections twice per year for your HVAC equipment.  However, you can also opt for separate coverage to add procedural maintenance for additional equipment such as your water heater or humidifier. You can ask our representatives more about coverage and the benefits to being an MVP when you call or schedule an appointment today!