10 Reasons We Love Danville Indiana

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Danville, Indiana was first established in 1824 and has grown into a cozy town with a rich history. For the residents and business owners, it’s an ideal place to live and operate a business due to the friendly community that often feels like a family. For those who are considering a move here, there are many reasons to love the small town.

1. Tight-Knit Community

With close to 9,100 people living in Danville, it’s a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other but still has plenty of privacy. It’s a great way of seeing friendly faces at the grocery store or knowing everyone on your child’s t-ball team. Those who own a business can enjoy being on a first-name basis with their customers for more personalized service.

2. A Variety of Great Restaurants

Those who want to dine out and enjoy delicious cuisine have a variety of options with the different restaurants that are available in the city. Mayberry Cafe is a popular place to grab lunch and is a tribute to the Andy Griffith Show, which features an old squad car in the front. La Ranchera is perfect for locals or visitors who are in the mood for authentic Mexican cuisine. For more Danville area restaurants, check out the Visit Hendricks County website. 

3. Affordable Living

Danville is an affordable place to live and raise a family for those who want to avoid the high costs of living in a big city. This makes it easy to relocate to the town after getting married or retiring while maintaining a more comfortable lifestyle.

4. Small Town Near a Big City

Although Danville is a considered to be a small town that is hidden away, it’s still in close proximity to Indianapolis. You can take a day trip to the big city with just a 40-minute drive, making it easy to shop at big department stores and have a getaway for the weekend.

5. Classic Architecture

Many of the buildings in Danville feature brick details and classic architecture for an incredible city where the structures are well-preserved. Take a walk through the downtown area to have a greater appreciation of the history of the city.

6. Plenty of Activities to Enjoy

Although Danville is small, there are still plenty of activities to enjoy to stay busy in each season of the year. The Gill Family Aquatic Center is a great place to cool off from the heat during the summer by spending time in the water. Twin Bridges Golf Club is another popular place to spend time outdoors on an 18-hole course that allows players to roam over 250 acres of land.

7. Parks

There are plenty of parks to visit in Danville when you want to host an outdoor picnic or have your kids play on the playground. Ellis Park, Hummel Park, and Washington Township Park are clean and safe places to visit as a family.

8. A Quiet Retreat

Danville is considered to be a quiet place to retreat in a cozy community. The town offers a slower pace of life that is free of the noise of traffic or helicopters.

9. A Lush Environment

Danville is located in a lush environment that offers beautiful views in every direction. You can enjoy strolling on different trails and birdwatching in areas that are well-preserved.

10. Educational Opportunities

The arts and culture are prominent in Danville with various museums that are available for those who want to enjoy an educational experience. You can pay a visit to Hendricks County Historical Museum, which is a former jail and is a great place to view different types of relics.

So, you’ve heard a few reasons why we love Danville. What’s your reason? Please share in the comments below!

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