HVAC Tips: Sealing Ductwork to Save Big Bucks!

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At Heat & Cool, we’re here to help save you money on energy bills and keep you comfortable year round. One of the easiest ways to accomplish both is by sealing ductwork throughout your home. Leaky ducts alter the comfort level of your home, increase your energy bills, and decrease the air quality in your home. Lucky for you, sealing ductwork is a simple DIY project that can be tackled in four easy steps.

Step 1: Inspect Your Ductwork

Start this step by grabbing a flashlight and walking the duct path throughout your home. Make notes of all repairs as you walk through your home. HVAC studies suggest that leaky ductwork can increase your energy bills by 10-30% so it’s important that you take your time with this step. Look for busted seams, holes, and other defects that may cause air to leak when your system runs. Assuming you didn’t find anything major, it’s time to move on to step 2. If you find major damage, it’s time to give us a call!

Step 2: Purchase Supplies

After you’ve inspected your ductwork it’s time to head to your local hardware store and pick up supplies. Depending on the state of your ductwork, you’ll need some of the following: duct tape, sealant, duct insulation.

Step 3: Repair Your Ductwork

In this step, you’ll actually make the repairs you’ve discovered. Now that you know what you need to repair and you have your supplies, it’s time to get busy!

Use duct tape or sealant to seal corners, seams, and holes in your ductwork. Your local hardware store will be able to recommend brands and specific products. Use either foam or fiberglass duct insulation to wrap the outside of your duct after you have sealed up all holes and open seams. Visit planitDIY.com for detail instructions on sealing ductwork and weatherproofing your home.

Step 4: Reap The Benefits

Now that you have finished sealing your ductwork, it’s time to cash in on the benefits. Visit the State’s website for Indiana Energy Tax Credits. You can find more energy tax credits here. Have you redeemed any of these deductions before? What was the process like?

If you’re not feeling up for the project, please let us know and we’ll get you taken care of. If you’ve sealed your ductwork before we would love to hear how it went. Please share your story on Facebook or Twitter.



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One Comment on “HVAC Tips: Sealing Ductwork to Save Big Bucks!”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation to grab a flashlight and look for any seam busts, holes and defects. I just bought a new home, and don’t know how long it’s been since the ductwork has been inspected or repaired. Thus, going through myself will help me to know when to call an HVAC company to do the repairs.

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