Whole-House Humidifiers: How They Work and How They Help

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Keeping the humidity levels just right in your home is extremely important. If you have too much moisture in your home you could get mold and mildew growing in wet areas. Too much moisture in a home often attracts insects and other critters too. However, it can be a problem if your home is too dry as well–we’ll cover that below. To keep your home at the right humidity, we recommend using a whole-house humidifier. Portable humidifiers may help to keep specific rooms adjusted to the right humidity, but a whole-house option works best for the entire living space.

How they work

Whole-house humidifiers work in conjunction with your furnace to add humidity to the air. These humidifiers introduce water vapor into the duct system. This water vapor not only helps adjust the humidity, but they also help prevent harmful minerals from entering the air. Water is supplied via a distribution tray that periodically adds the vapor to your heating and cooling system. We offer two different types of whole-house humidifiers.

Our Bryant Fan-Powered Humidifiers are independent units with their own fans that add moisture directly into your ducts. Bypass Humidifiers work in tandem with your furnace system to deliver enhanced moisture throughout your home.

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How they help

Whole-house humidifiers provide many benefits for you and your family. Here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Keeping the humidity at the right level in your home has been known to prevent respiratory problems.

  • Proper humidity in your home also keeps you more comfortable. Say goodbye to dry skin and scratchy throats. A whole-house humidifier can virtually eliminate these winter-time symptoms.

  • Installing a whole-house humidifier can also help protect your home. If your home is too dry hardwood floors can crack or warp, walls can warp, and even electronics can get damaged.

  • The last (and maybe most important) benefit of a humidifier is saving energy. Air that is at the right humidity level feels warmer than dry air. This means you can keep your thermostat turned down this winter and still save money!

We hope this helps you understand what a whole-house humidifier is and how one can benefit you and your family. They are a simple addition to any heating and cooling system and they provide several benefits. For more information about these products please contact us anytime. We’d be happy to provide you with more information and set up a time to provide you with a quote for installation.

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